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Angela Merkel’s rival in German elections urges Chancellor to stand up to US President Trump

German Chancellor Angela Merkel had an easy time dealing with former POTUS Barack Obama.

Both Merkel and Obama were devout neo-liberal globalists, working on behalf of the deep state and the billionaire elite class.

Merkel’s relationship with current POTUS Trump is much different. Trump is no push over like Obama.

The current US President has blasted Germany for not living up to its NATO contribution, as well as pressing for trade equity between the two nations when it comes to automobile exports.

Martin Schulz, Merkel’s rival in the upcoming September election, has slammed the Chancellor for not standing up to US President Trump.

The German Social Democrat (SPD), has been campaigning on a anti-Trump message in his bid to remove the Merkel regime, which has ruled over Germany now for over a decade.  Schulz is considered a long shot to remove Merkel from power, despite taking a brief lead in the polls back in January

According to Deutsche Welle, Schulz is telling German voters that Merkel does not go far enough to counter comments about Germany by US president Trump…

“I would say to Trump: We don’t agree with your reasoning over a military buildup, which isn’t justified by anything.”

“The German chancellor must sometimes dare to be in conflict with the American president.”

Schulz told Germany’s Welt an Sommtag newspaper…

“Should we be making concessions to Trump, Erdogan and Putin? No.” 

Schulz is no anti-establishment candidate by any measure. He was the former president of the EU, and oversaw the Brussels oligarchy pillage member nations Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal during his tenure.

Schulz was also a strong supporter of the illegal coup in Ukraine which saw neo-nazi forces overthrow the democratic elected leader of the country.

A recent survey from German polling agency INSA showed that 37% of voters in the country favor Angela Merkel and just 24% support Martin Schultz.

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