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Angela Merkel’s CDU party is calling on Germany to be tougher on Russia

With all the US Russian hacker fear mongering being played out by the Democratic party and the Hillary Clinton campaign (with the neocons hiding in the shadows), Angela Merkel and her CDU party are right on queue to call for a tougher stance on Russia.

We doubt this will help Merkel’s sinking popularity at home and her sinking EU project that has seen the UK jump ship, with more countries to follow, we are certain.

But no matter, Merkel has always been a good Atlanticist and loyal follower of the Empire.

Any threats that Merkel and the CDU make towards Russia are simply empty and void. Germany has so many multiple headaches, from massive migration inflows to the impending collapse of Deutsche Bank, that confrontation with Russia would be the last thing German citizens would need at this moment.

This however has not stopped Merkel’s CDU/CSU party from rattling the sabre a bit, and demanded a tougher approach to Russia.

German newspaper DWN reports that much of the German party’s criticism is being leveled at German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s for his recent calls to maintain constructive relations with Russia.

Steinmeier stressed that a solution to the global crises is impossible without Moscow…logic and realpolitik that clearly upsets the German neo-liberal machine.

Sputnik News reported that…

In his earlier interview with the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, Steinmeier denounced NATO’s drills held near Russia’s borders as “saber-rattling” that does not add to European security.

CDU politicians are now calling for a harder stance against Russia and a rebuke of Steinmeier’s calls for diplomacy and peace.

CDU’s draft policy document states that…

“In relations with Russia, we need as much intimidation as required, but also as much dialogue as possible.”

Intimidating Russia and President Putin…I would say such foolishness, though expected from a leader of Merkel’s calibre, is not the wisest of moves.

The CDU paper explains that those who accuse NATO of “saber-rattling” confuse the cause and the outcome.

According to the document,

“Russia bears responsibility” for fueling the Ukrainian conflict, a fact which European countries “shouldn’t tolerate”.

“We do not want any doubts regarding the solidarity within the alliance, and therefore must not allow ambiguity in relations with Russia.”

“No doubts” as to the cause of Ukraine’s ‘failed-state’ status…

Perhaps the CDU should go back in their phone archives and take another listen to chief necon Victoria Nuland telling all of Germany and Europe (and I slightly paraphrase) ‘to go F**k’ off’ …as she began putting together her shiny new Ukrainian government, led by her man “Yats”.

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