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Angela Merkel pledges allegiance to Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Wants EU to impose more sanctions on Russia

Lines are being drawn and nations are taking sides.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Angela Merkel is pushing for Germany and the whole of the EU to support Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria, siding with the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey…in what has all the makings of the next Great War.

We can’t help but wonder if Angela Merkel’s loyalty to America’s war in Syria will help the US DOJ drop its $14 billion fine on Deutsche Bank?

RT reports

According to the source, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government is looking for ways to push Moscow into changing course in Syria, where Russia is supporting the Syrian army in a siege of areas of Aleppo held by terrorists.

One measure Berlin is considering involves putting new European Union economic sanctions on Russia – a move that Merkel already persuaded the bloc to do in 2014, over Russia’s alleged involvement in Ukraine.

The source, who spoke to the newspaper on Wednesday, said deliberations are in the early stages, and it remains unclear how widely new sanctions would be supported.

A spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry said earlier on Wednesday that, “at the moment, I know no one, neither in Berlin nor anywhere else, who has such proposals.”

A spokesman for Merkel declined to comment, referring to the Foreign Ministry statement.

German and US officials have accused Russia of being behind the bombardment of hospitals and other civilian facilities in Aleppo, but Russian deputy ambassador Evgeny Zagaynov has warned against rushing to blame Russia and Syria for those attacks without any “verifiable data.”

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