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America reopens as common sense – and anger – begin to defeat COVID paranoia [Video]

Tucker Carlson and Steven Turley both offer amazing assessments of the results of rampaging liberalism and the backlash it brought

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Finally, the long hell of imposed self-isolation is breaking – at least in much of the United States. America reopens now. The self-isolation period – a very unhealthy period, physically as well as psychologically – is being shown to have been a producer of the damage and death during its imposition, but even more now. We present Tucker Carlson’s assessment first:

Tucker Carlson brings some of the most interesting and significant questions up in this clip:

  • why are we being told to stay inside, when it is known that being outdoors is better for us?
  • why are Churches being singled out for particulary virulent attack against operation, particularly MSNBC [03:20]?
  • note that even the liberal propaganda mavens are not themselves following guidelines
  • why are news / media people considered ‘essential’ in their jobs?
  • even Dr Fauci is now ‘giving in’ and talking about the need to reopen. Could that be because he knows that he himself is actually in trouble for his part in creating this crisis in the first place?
  • Why is the news media so interested in spurring fear in their viewers?

There are some really awful scenes too, of Americans, revved up to hysterical paranoia and rage, screaming at one of their own for not wearing a mask or following the vaunted social distancing guidelines. Of particular note as shown above is the almost completely open war launched by the forces of “science” (secularism)

It seems to me that this outbreak has brought out the worst in a great many people. There is probably a strong connection between the kind of information people digest about this crisis and the leadership of the President and his team’s efforts to combat it, and the way they feel.

Note that we said “the kind of information people digest about…” and not just “the crisis and the leadership of the President…”

The President’s leadership as America reopens has been pragmatic, serious, positive and effective. It also has had its share of mistakes, but those mistakes were all met with corrective action as soon as the mistakes were realized.

It is not possible to get everything right the first time about a virus about which so little is known (thanks in part to WHO’s covering for China with false information, whether intentionally so or not, and China’s own refusal to allow American experts on its soil to study first hand the situation on the ground there).

Nevertheless, the immature mindset of many Americans – that requires that everything be made right, right now!!! – is a valuable tool for people who do not like the present political assembly to try to spur the lemmings to rage.

Looking on the bright side though, the country is indeed reopening, especially in conservatively led states. The results are compelling enough that even the liberal states are gradually falling in line, with the possible exceptions of holdouts like Michigan, Virginia and California and North Carolina. Dr Steven Turley gives his assessment here, noting how reality always wins. That group which wishes to accept and work with reality, therefore, will also win:

As America reopens, it is likely to create a real watershed situation. If the country’s economy surges (and there is little reason to expect that it wouldn’t), the timing is such that the third quarter will look magical in its rate of growth. Granted, this is not really the kind of growth desired, but it is a magnificent recovery, and it would tell much about the underlying strength of the American nation that was merely put on hold for three months.

The ideological watershed will be very interesting to watch. We have one America that wants to be taken care of. We have another America that wants to take care of itself. This will be the pivot upon which the upcoming election will turn.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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