All work, no play? Tsipras’ mom worried her son is not eating properly or getting enough sleep

No one said it was going to be easy…

Via Sputnik News Agency…

Aristi Tsipras, 73, complained that her son doesn’t eat and sleep properly and rarely sees his family, as cited by the local Parapolitika weekly Saturday.

“He does not have much time to see his children”, she reveals and adds “Alexis is lately not eating properly, not sleeping enough, but he has no other choice. He owes it to the people who trust him.”

The mother of the Greek PM said she is depressed and hasn’t slept for three days, “thinking about Alexis” herself.

According to her, Tsipras “carries on his back all the weight of the country”.

As it was reported earlier, Alexis Tsipras lives in the modest working-class district of Kyspeli, Athens with his partner and two children in a beige-colored block of flats.


“His seven-story apartment block overlooks an empty lot full of rubbish and two abandoned cottages,” describes a report by Greek news website, adding that “the walls of the streets where he lives are covered with graffiti scrawled with politically-tinged messages.”

Tsipras’ down-to-earth style was the key to the popularity of the man whose left-wing Syriza party won the January parliamentary elections and now leads the course of the country.


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