Alex Jones breaks down Megyn Kelly interview of Vladimir Putin (Video)

The Infowars host sided squarely with the Russian President.

Alex Jones is a controversial media figure, some love him, others hate him, and still others have no idea how to consume his tone and bravado…but one thing s clear, the Infowars empire he built has a huge following, and influences American opinion.

That is why is was especially interesting to see Alex Jone breaks down, clip by clip, the NBC Megyn Kelly exclusive interview with Vladimir Putin.

In the Infowars’ segment, Jones makes it a point to expose the biased slant in Kelly’s questioning.

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Now,if only the HITS [head in the sand ] people would listen to a real no BS country leader,what a wonderful world it would be..


Yeah, the hackers could be anywhere, EVEN in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. You know, like Michael Ron David Kadar, the Israeli -U.S. dual citizen, who was arrested in Israel ONLY because President Trump sent FBI agents there to have him arrested. He was the guy making threatening phone calls to the Jewish centers/synagogues all over the U.S. for several years, calling in bomb threats and the like. The U.S. news media RAN with the usual ‘anti-semitic’ story, ad nauseam, UNTIL Kadar was arrested in Israel. Of course, since Kadar is a Jew, the story has now fallen off of a… Read more »


I give Putin a lot of credit because he knows he HAD to put national pride and his pride aside in order to sit down opposite this strumpet to give his side of the NON story in order to quell some of the saber rattling that’s been going on. The globalists want a direct confrontation and they’ll do anything to get one.

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