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Alex Christoforou: Turkey And Russia Forge New Ties. Greece Stuck in EU

Alex Christoforou: Turkey And Russia Forge New Ties. Greece Stuck in EU

Alexander Mercouris calls it right on what is shaping up to be a Turkey rapprochement with Russia. Who would have figured. Just a few months ago the relationship between nations was all but dead after Turkey followed what I believe to be a NATO “green light” to take down a Russian SU-24. NATO was testing the waters, testing what Russia’s response would be, and Erdogan took the bait.

Now after what many inside Turkey say was at the very least a US sanction coup or at the very worst a US sponsored coup, Turkey has quickly mended fences with Russia and may very well shift to the prosperous and growing Eurasian block. A movement from West to East, a new Silk Road, where Turkey will benefit tremendously…away from the bankrupt EU and removed from an America with no leadership and a lost sense of self. Turkey not being admitted to the European Union…a true blessing in disguise.

And where is Greece in all of this. A vacation spot for Russians and Chinese, sure…but shackled by an undemocratically elected group of technocrats in Brussels and bleed dry by the Troika, Greece is unable to build strong ties to Russia and the Eurasian future.

Greece naturally belongs with Russia and Eurasia..common language, common religion, and a mutual respect that Brussels never afforded Greece.

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If only Tsipras respected the OXI vote last year, then can you imagine a Eurasia stretching across Turkey to mainland Greece.

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