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Al-Qaeda, ISIS planning offensive in Syria once Trump launches missiles

After reports of a likely US strike in Syria targeting government forces, terrorists in Syria are planning a full-fledged counter-offensive.

The Commander of the FSA (Free Syrian Army, aka Al-Qaeda/ISIS) announced they will begin a new offensive in Syria. This comes on the heels of Trump’s announcement that he will likely give the green light to strike Syrian government and Russian targets in Syria.

He also claimed that possible US strike will weaken Damascus’ position and will allow to start “real talk” for a peace agreement.

The FSA will attempt to regain lost areas, while conquering new ones, just as the Syrian army, with Russia’s help, reclaimed most of the territory controlled by the Islamists.

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Washington blames Damascus for an alleged chemical attack in Douma, using reports by the debunked White Helmets as proof. Syria has refuted the accusations, saying the US is using the accusations as a pretext for missile strikes and invasion.

Russia responds to Trump: ‘US missiles fired at Syria will be shot down, origin of launch will be targeted’

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