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In the hospital, diagnosed with brain cancer, John McCain blasts Trump for halting weapons to Al Qaeda and ISIS

Yesterday The Duran confirmed news that Donald Trump has fully shifted US policy in Syria away from arming and aiding Salafist/jihadist terrorist fighters, and now now allying exclusively with Kurdish.

President Trump decided to end a disastrous Obama program to train, fund and arm jihadist terrorist (many of whom were Al Qaeda and ISIS fighters) to overthrow Assad.

The Obama program has been a complete failure, costing Americans taxpayers millions of dollars.

Diagnosed with brain cancer and lying in a hospital bed, John McCain found the strength to blast Trump’s decision (via Twitter) to halt the funding of terrorists.

Here is McCain’s hospital tweet…

Reports admin ending prgm to assist Syrian opposition irresponsible, short-sighted& plays into Russia, Assad’s hands …

McCain has been a staunch supporter of “moderate rebels” (aka Al Qaeda and ISIS) in Syria.

Multiple photos have spotted McCain with ISS and Al Qaeda officials, including ISIS leader Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi.

McCain has also been staunchly anti-Russia, having played a major role in the Ukraine neo-nazi coup in 2014, where McCain even went so far as to show up on the Maidan in Kiev during the US sponsored overthrow of the democratically elected Ukraine government.

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