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Afghanistan Papers Prove US Gov Blew $3 Trillion, Lied About It

Less than a day after 2000 documents were published proving the govt knew the Afghanistan War was unwinnable, Congress approved nearly a trillion dollars more.

It’s rare that I read something on the Washington Post that I don’t find highly biased, even repugnant. But with their recent article on the Afghanistan Papers, they truly knocked the ball out of the park.

The facts they shared should have every American protesting in the streets. Trillions of dollars have been spent on a war that the Pentagon knew was unwinnable all along. More than 2300 American soldiers died there and more than 20,000 have been injured. More than 150,000 Afghanis were killed, many of them civilians, including women and children.

And they lied to us constantly

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Olivia Kroth
December 24, 2019

Well, well, well, as time passes, the US government might blow some more trillion, quadrillion, quintillion, sixtillion US dollars on war in Afghanistan, until their koffers are finally totally empty. All is well that ends well.

george pierce
george pierce
December 24, 2019

But someone is getting the lithium and rare minerals. US protected strip mine(s) are a poorly kept secret. Who is getting it?

December 24, 2019

Of course they did, do and will continue to do so. They’ve gotten all the poisons in the water, air and portable devices to fully keep the people apathetic to any ills they do. They know we won’t rise up, as we’re incapable do to there docile indoctrination. Epstein child rape, NXiVM child rape, Clinton Child rape etc and we could care less for those poor souls. We have died as a nation in the west.

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