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Activitsts on Twitter and Reddit are asking Donald Trump to pardon Julian Assange

On so many issues Julian Assange and Donald Trump are polar opposites from different generations.

One woman connected the two men towards a common purpose.

After the Clinton campaign leaked of a video of Trump making comments about a TV host in 2005, Wikileaks began to unleash a barrage of private emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta.

There can be no doubt that Wikileaks was slow torture for Hillary Clinton, providing the Trump campaign with constant, never ending ammunition to permanently bring down what was considered an unstoppable Clinton presidential coronation.

Trump supporters are now looking to convince President elect Donald Trump to grant the WikiLeaks founder a pardon. It is well deserved, and the right thing to do. Let’s hope Trump gets the message.

The Express UK reports

It would be an unprecedented and controversial move as Mr Assange is facing an arrest warrant for allegations of rape in Sweden.

Hundreds of social media users have gone online to demand Mr Trump takes action immediately to pardon the activist, who remains holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

James Thomas said: “Julian Assange is a hero. Trump should pardon and make him Press Secretary.”

Patrick Savalle said: “Mr. Trump, now show some real balls and pardon Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and most of all your chief campaigner Julian Assange.”

Twitter user Chrysostomos said: “Has Trump been in touch with Julian Assange about a possible pardon? I think many would be happy to lobby him for one.”

Duke Rivers tweeted: “Mr. President-Elect Trump: may I make a suggestion? Pardon Assange. The value of his work is clear by now.”

Justin Petaccio said: “Julian Assange & his team have earned a pardon from President Trump. None of this would have been possible without WikiLeaks. Thank You.”

Walter Krumholz said: “Trump ought 2 pardon Assange & drop all charges against him; invite him 2 America, if he chooses. Truth will out.”

Multiple threads dedicated to Mr Assange receiving a pardon have also been created on discussion forum Reddit.

User FluffyBunnyHugs said: “And while he has the pen in hand, pardon Snowden too.

“They have both performed a great service to the American People and should be lauded as Heroes. I think a ticker tape parade is in order.”

CorruptClinton said: “I was thinking about this earlier. Republicans have a history of going after whistle blowers…

“However, Julian clearly helped his cause and Trump is a loyal guy (supposedly). Julian is a hero not a criminal.”

Another added: “I really hope Trump pardons whistle blowers like Assange, Snowden, etc. It would be a great moment in US history.”

Supporters have even set up a petition calling for the pardon to go ahead as soon as possible, with more than 230 people signing in the last 13 hours.

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