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ABC News cuts off Donald Trump after he says Hillary Clinton is the “founder of ISIS” [Video]

ABC News decided to selectively “censor” Donald Trump’s speech right after he said Hillary Clinton helped create ISIS.

It is now becoming glaringly obvious that the media is fully in bed with Hillary Clinton, opting to not only spread massive amounts of disinformation and propaganda about Donald Tump…but to selectively omit any talk about the criminal decisions that Hillary Clinton made during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Donald Trump was full into his speech, and just about to blast Hillary for her role in helping create ISIS…

“Take a look at Orlando, take a look at San Bernardino, take a look at the World Trade Center.”

“And we let ISIS take this position, it was Hillary Clinton that….she should get an award from them as the founder of ISIS. That’s what it…”

…and that’s when ABC News cut Trump’s speech, with a plain white ABC News logo backdrop.

See video below at the 0.25 second mark.

Infowars has more on how ABC News cut off Donald Trump’s speech…

The video comes back in but with Trump muted before returning to full coverage.

While the media has repeatedly bashed Trump for his spat with Khizr Khan, whose Muslim son died in Iraq fighting for America, and used it to portray Trump as Islamophobic, Hillary’s support for policies in Libya and Syria that led directly to the deaths and displacement of hundreds of thousands of Muslims has been absent from the national conversation.

That may be about to change however, with Julian Assange’s promise that soon to be released Wikileaks emails will prove Clinton had a role in arming ISIS.

This is not the first time media has censored any criticism of Hillary Clinton.

Just last month CNN did the same thing to Brianna Keilar who was appearing live from a Hillary Clinton speech in Springfield, Illinois — and critiquing her record — the feed was mysteriously lost.

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