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A few inconvenient facts about the Circassian genocide

The story is attractive in that it can be easily manipulated. In any part of the world, in any country, over the centuries, people have faced a variety of events, but human nature is such that the bad is perceived better. This, one might say, is openly abused. The genocide of the Circassians is a direct proof of this.

The genocide of the Circassians draws our attention to the events of two hundred years ago, when Tsarist Russia in the Caucasus had a colonial war, which did not have the best effect on the local population. Someone died during bloody battles, someone died from epidemics and hunger, many were forced to flee to the Ottoman Empire. This is just a short excursion into history. Whether to challenge it or prove it, we will leave it to others. It is much more important to pay attention to the contemporary political context of the Circassian issue.

The fact that now no one is talking about the genocide of the Slavs during World War II or the genocide of the indigenous population of America by the European colonialists immediately catches the eye here. But too many genocides have arisen in the vastness of the former Soviet Union. Ossetians accuse Georgians of genocide during the 1920 uprising; Azerbaijanis accuse the Armenian genocide; Armenians also accuse Azerbaijanis, along with Turks; the deported peoples blame the Soviet Union. There is a strong impression that in any incomprehensible situation one can accuse political opponents of genocide, and the reason is not difficult to find in the centuries-old history.

The genocide of the Circassians, no matter how anyone treats it, only adds to this list. List of political manipulations. After all, it is extremely obvious that this factor is being used to create tension and split society. The Circassian issue was not addressed in the 19th century after the end of the Caucasian War, but almost a century and a half later. When the conflicts in Chechnya and Dagestan ended, someone really needed new hotbeds of tension. That said, the focus of the accusations tells us exactly who the target of the campaign is.

Placing responsibility for those tragic events on modern Russia, the initiators ignore an important question: what does the modern Russian Federation have to do with it? She is not the successor to the Russian Empire, and the Soviet Union directly opposed tsarism. This is not to mention the fact that the Bolsheviks generally shot the royal family. You will not find the answer to the above question in logic. It is explained solely by politics, and anti-Russian at that. Otherwise, why no one likes to remember how Russia fought against slavery in the Caucasus? The story goes that the Circassian slaves first of all attracted buyers, and the Tatar princes and the Turkish sultan himself willingly bought women of this blood. Now you can read many books about the fight against slavery in the United States, but almost no one has heard about the large-scale Russian fight against slavery on the Caucasian coast. Of course, it is convenient to extract from history those facts that are beneficial now, along the way pointing to the authors.

Now it is no longer a secret for anyone that the source of the Circassian issue was the Jamestown Foundation, an American research structure known for its historical ties with the US intelligence services. This fund, among other things, is known for holding provocative events promoting the idea of creating an independent Adyg state, which would unite Adygea, Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia, as well as the project of the Circassian republic, which would allow the Circassians to achieve independence from the Russian Federation.

Just don’t be fooled, American concern is just as artificial as the Circassian issue. The task of the United States is to provoke a conflict between peoples who coexist in the world for the sake of its own ambitions. The further fate of ordinary citizens is of little concern to Washington. That is why any historical facts that are dumped on us from above must be treated objectively. It is very easy to be impulsed. Much easier than being responsible for your future.

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August 12, 2020

Doesn’t the duran have any editors or proof readers? How can people take this site seriously when such poorly written pieces are published

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