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91% of Cypriots surveyed see “Fake News” as a problem

91% of Cypriots surveyed see “Fake News” as a problem

Article first appeared on Hellenic Insider…

Maybe it was the EU’s Cyprus bank robbery in 2013.

Or perhaps it can be attributed to a nine year long recession that has gutted the Greek economy.

Whatever the reason, it comes as no surprise that both Cyprus and Greece top the list of EU member states that are skeptical as to what the “powers that be” define as “news.”

According to a recent Eurobarometer survey, at least seven in ten respondents in all 28 EU member states perceive fake news to be a problem in their country.

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The share was highest in Cyprus with 91 percent saying “yes, it is definitely a problem” or “yes, it is a problem to some extent”.

 Greece came second, followed by Italy.

In the UK, 84 percent of people said that fake news is a problem in their country.

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