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90% of Brits are expecting more terror attacks to hit the UK (Poll)

Following the March 2017 Westminster terrorist attack, YouGov ran a survey that showed nine in ten British citizens think further terror attacks are likely.

With the attack in Manchester Arena, those predications came true.

Meanwhile nearly 75% of British citizens think that the terror threat is worsening.

Perhaps the UK should amend its “Assad must go” policy in favor of working with Russia, Syria and Iran to finally destroy ISIS, instead of arming Saudi Arabia and Qatar…two dictatorships that openly fund and support ISIS jihadists.

Statista is showing that 90% of Brits are expected more terror attacks to hit the UK…

Finally, back to the March YouGov poll, which for all the terror fears gripping the UK, shows that Brits for the most part believe the government is doing a “fairly effective” job handling the threat of terror.

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