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6 best moments from Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s UN Ambassador

Not only Russia, but the entire diplomatic community around the world is mourning the passing of Vitaly Churkin – Russia’s Ambassador to the United Nations.

Vitaly Churkin leaves the world as one of the greatest and most respected diplomats – here are some of his best moments over the decades.

1. Here is a youthful Vitaly Churkin with Charlie Rose in a 1992 interview speaking about a new and hopeful relationship between the newly formed Russian Federation and the United States – and a world without nuclear weapons…

2. In a 2013 interview with fake news CNN, Churkin shows he is head and shoulders above other diplomats…

3. Churkin debates the situation in Syria while showing his master of the English language speaking circles around Fox News host Greta Susteren…

4. In 2014, Churkin educates the room on the Crimea Referendum, and reminds the joy the Russian and Crimean people felt on that day…

5. Churkin appears again on Charlie Rose in 2014 – this time to clarify and explain Russia’s federal law for the Purpose of Protecting Children from Information Advocating for a Denial of Traditional Family Values…

6. Just a few days ago, Churkin makes fools out of the Ukrainians over their failure to implement the Minsk Agreement…

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