5 reasons Sergei Lavrov has no peers

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is in a class all of his own

1. When meeting his western counterparts, Lavrov is always the smartest guy in the room.

Sergei Lavrov

2. When it comes to geopolitics, Lavrov is a chess master compared western politicians who struggle playing checkers.


3. Lavrov is a person of super incredible patience – how would you like to be stuck in negotiations with the likes of Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Boris Johnson!

lavrov hillary

4. The more western media attempt to troll him, the more likely they fall victim to Lavrov’s stinging humor and wit.

5. While western politicians stumble and bumble around the world creating needless crises and suffer, Lavrov is the go-to-guy to start sorting things out.

lavrov assad

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Brad Kahn
Brad Kahn
May 27, 2017

A great statesman dealing with the Mob.
Their word, their signature..meaningless.

Throw the paper against the wall and see
if anything sticks..?

It won’t.
Mr.Lavrov bent over backwards..20 timesto try to make a deal..
Sabotaged every one of them.

Actually, the entire dance with Kerry and Samantha Powers, Hillary and all the GANG

it’s like Kubrick s “2001”
The apes touching the Monolith !

May 31, 2017

A true statesman who uses logic and reasoning.

June 1, 2017

A gentleman, an outstanding diplomat representing and working for his proud country and above all a great humorist. Which is proof of high intelligence and his way of survival of all these man-made troubles he is sincerely trying to help to repair and or most of all to prevent.

And it is a not an easy task to talk reason into a bunch of psychopaths and warmongers.
He will survive and above all succeed.

Suzanne Giraud
Suzanne Giraud
June 1, 2017


June 10, 2017

A most admirable man. Pragmatic, patient, humorous and strong. If only the West could produce such men our world would have a far greater chance of survival.

August 16, 2017

Sergey Lavrov has a brain – his western counterparts have a box with marbles they rattle.

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