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4 wars Trump inherited from Obama and then escalated in record time

Donald Trump campaigned on a foreign policy platform largely focused on non-intervention, and an overall reduction of US foreign entanglements.

The last 90 days in office has given the world a reality of a much different President Trump…a more interventionist Trump, a Trump ready to go to war at the drop of an Ivanka tear.

Remember this, now infamous Trump tweet…

“What will we get for bombing Syria besides more debt and a possible long term conflict? Obama needs Congressional approval.”

Here are four wars Trump inherited and then escalated in record time…and the chart that show the the alarming march to global conflict under the Trump White House.

1. Tactical and weapons support to Saudi Arabia in Yemen.

The unreported massacre of Yemen society via Saudi Arabia gets zero western mainstream media coverage. The reason is simple…Saudi Arabia owns just about ever western mainstream media outlet, and greases the wheels of every EU/UK/US politician.

More importantly Saudi Arabia is bombing the daylights out of Yemen with US made weapons. Great business for the military industrial complex, and Trump is all about business.



2. Iraq vs. ISIS

200 civilians killed in Mosul. And that was just a blip in a Trump – Iraq escalation. Ground troops continue to swell in Iraq and US airstrikes in the region are on the rise. US General McMaster wants to pump 50,000 US troops into the region.

Airstrikes Iraq

Iraq and Syria strikes(Data via Airwars)

3. ISIS and Al Qaeda vs. Syria. Kurds vs. ISIS.

18 Kurdish soliders killed by American firepower…soldiers who were fighting ISIS. 59 Tomahawk missiles fired against a Syrian airbase used to carry out strikes against ISIS and Al Qaeda. Much like Obama before him, Trump appears to be on the side of ISIS.

airstrikes Syria

(Data via Airwars)

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 10.55.52 AM

4. Afghanistan vs. ISIS vs. Taliban

The “mother of all bombs” was just dropped in Afghanistan this week, killing a handful of ISIS jihadists hiding out in CIA tunnels. The Taliban is still going strong however, 16 years into the US war in Afghanistan. No end in sight under this Trump White House.

ISR Afghanistan(Data via Airwars)


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