4 amazing events where instant karma crushed those who mocked President Donald Trump

The liberal left establishment loves to attack President Trump.

His every word (and every tweet), makes their blood boil to the point of hysteria. When that hysteria hits, the liberal left’s knee jerk reaction is to mock, bully, preach identity politics, and chastise the man and his “deplorable” constituency…

And when holier-than-thou leftists feel their self worth skyrocket as a result of all the virtue signaling, the “curse of The Don” strikes back, and knocks their hypocritical butts back down to earth.

Here are 4 times instant karma could not have tasted sweeter for President Trump and all his “deplorables”…

1. Sweden.

The liberal left US mainstream press blasted President Trump for his Sweden remarks during a speech. Less than two days later Sweden falls victim to migrant riots and violence. WIN TRUMP.

Trump Sweden

2. “Anthony Weiner, will tell the world,” Donald Trump.

Trump called out Anthony Weiner (Huma Abedin’s sex pervert husband) as a potential national security threat back in August of 2015…

3. Young Turks Election day meltdown video – courtesy of President-elect Donald Trump.

The Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian spent the better part of one year calling Trump an idiot, a buffoon, a loser, and so on. They also were so smart and so sure Hillary Clinton would win the election.

The video is a real time, minute by minute meltdown from “progressive” pundits, who midway through their coverage, begin insulting everyday Americans, calling them “f***in dumb”.

4. Oscars 2017 blunder.

Jimmy Kimmel and his hollywood elitist friends trashed President Trump non-stop during the 2017 Oscars.

When the most anticipated award for Best Picture was announced to close the Academy Awards ceremony, Trump got the last laugh, once again.

Bill Maher & guests, mocked and laughed at Ann Coulter for her Trump prediction.

The Duran Readers, let us know what you think?

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