3 ways Vladimir Putin has embarrassed Donald Trump, after the dust settled on the US attack on Syria

After all the dust settled on Trump’s rah rah ‘America hits Assad and Putin’ missile attack hoopla, the new US commander and chief today got a very rude awakening in diplomacy, that has not only made him look like a complete fool, but also a total geo-political amateur.

All weekend long American mainstream media was hailing Trump’s big boy tomahawk gesture, and how Russia had no response for the US show of strength.

Putin, being a judo blackbelt, knows how to use Trump’s weight against him…today Russia made Trump, and America, look stupid, erratic, and classless on the world stage.

Here are the four ways this was done.

1. Rex Tillerson is graciously welcome to Moscow.


Despite the act of aggression toward Syria, the constant Russia bashing, ridiculous threats, and undiplomatic rhetoric coming out of the mouths of Trump staff, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, T-Rex was still welcomed with open arms to Moscow to meet with Sergei Lavrov.

The optics are simple. Russia rises above the petty American bluster, to discuss world problems in a diplomatic and civilized manner.

2. No sanctions agreement at the G7.

Tillerson travels to Moscow with no sanctions to flaunt in Russia’s face, as the Europeans failed to agree to  US and UK sanctions, meant to punish Russia for a chemical attack that has yet to be properly investigated.

The optics are simple. European leaders have doubts in the US story that it was Assad who committed the chemical attack. They are hedging their bets because they know, deep down inside, that the entire thing smells of false flag trickery.

3. Putin checkmated Trump by announcing ISIS is planning more chemical attacks in Syria.

lavrov and putin

Putin used the press and media to his advantage (against Trump’s war drums and the Deep State’s push for more false flag conflicts), by announcing at a press conference that Russian ‘intel shows more attacks planned in Syria to blame Assad.’

Putin showed that two can play the information warfare game. With one well timed announcement, Russia thwarted more ISIS/White Helmets false flags attacks, which would have surely served the purpose to push for a full US invasion into Syria.

The liberal left warmongers and neocons will need to think up an entirely new script to drive Assad’s out of power. For now John McCain, CNN, and their Saudi rulers will have to continue to rely on their ISIS jihadist proxy army, to fight Assad without American air cover and ground troops.

The optics are simple. Putin’s announcement makes Trump missile strike on Syria (in the name of protecting “beautiful babies”) seem more dubious than ever before.

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