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13 year old Trump protestor tells Fox News, ‘screw our president’, as he sets fires outside National Press Club

The neo-liberal young, brought up in the church of liberalism.

The young protester, who looks to me to be about 13 years old, maybe I am off on the age thing, is burning stuff on the streets of DC and telling Fox News, ‘Screw our president!’

We wonder if this child even knows what he is protesting. We actually wonder if the adults at the Trump rally even understand what they are protesting.

Do they prefer 8 more years of drone strikes, Libya bombings, ISIS funding, Ukraine coups, pay-to-play charity foundations, 98 million out of the work force, and 15 million more people on food stamps?

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer, tells Tucker Carlson that the young mans’ actions at the event hints of “a whiff of ISIS in Trump protesters.”

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