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10 reasons why Trump illegally attacked Syria

1. To prove that he is no stooge of Putin and the Kremlin.


Russia supports the sovereign state of Syria. Tump is now moving head on to conflict with Russia…hence he can in no way be called a puppet of Moscow.

2. To keep the war in Syria going, at the behest of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.


Because Saudi Arabia needs that oil and gas pipeline to cross over Syria, and into Europe.

3. To keep the war in Syria going, at the behest of the Military Industrial Complex.

More sales to “moderate rebels”, stocks will rise.

4. To keep the war in Syria going, at the behest of the Deep State and intelligence agencies.

Fake intelligence (like a false flag chemical attack, WMDs, or babies in incubators) need a good war to divert from the lies.

5. To prove his claim that America will act with surprise and decisiveness.

trump syria

Trump illegally bombed Syria, to the shock of the world, fulfilling another campaign promise…that America will “not telegraph” its military policy.

6. To please the Democrats and get them off his back.

adam schiff

What better way then to give them a war against Assad and Russia.

7. To please the Republicans and especially the neocons…and get them off his back.


McCain and his wife Lindsey Graham have been wanting war with Syria forever.

8. To please the mainstream media, who (like with Iraq WMDs) love pushing US wars in the Middle East.


Racheal Maddow may actually now come out in support of Trump. We know CNN is praising this attack.

9. To actually support ISIS and Al Qaeda.

isis beac

Lots of CIA/Obama money was invested in creating these terror groups. Trump does not like to waste money.

10. Because maybe after all, the liberal left, snowflakes were right about one thing…Trump really is stupid.

trump sitting

The Duran readers: Give us more reasons why you think Trump is attacking Syria?

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