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Russia’s Zakharova shuts down CNN sleeze: ‘Stop spreading fake news!’ (VIDEO)

A CNN propagandist got an earful when he tried to peddle his fake news to Russia's superstar spokeswoman

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mariya Zakharova has, like her bosses Vladimir Putin and Sergey Lavrov, built up a reputation for carrying a straight-talk no-BS zone with her everywhere she goes.

She’s been termed the “anti-Psaki” – a reference to Washington’s last State Department spokesgirl who was famous for her zealous promotion of logical absurdities and verbal obfuscation.

An arrogant twat from CNN got a full blown exposure to the Zakharova treatment when he asked her about the total non-story of some of President Trump’s advisors sometime having met the Russian ambassador to the US.

Zakharova shut down the so-called reporter’s nonsense, challenging him, “Stop spreading lies and false news!”

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Ricky Twisdale
Writer for The Duran based in Moscow. On Twitter @RickyTwisdale