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Wikileaks press conference announces a “Digital Geneva Convention” to protect world from CIA

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange held a press conference following the release of the first part of Vault 7, the largest archive of CIA related classified documents to hit the internet.

The main announcement that came from Julian Assange was the revelation that Wikileaks may be working with the tech community to secure the world’s data and privacy against the vast power of the CIA’s data gathering capability.

A “Digital Geneva Convention” (as outlined by Microsoft), looks like it will come into being. Wikileaks working with the tech community to stop CIA intrusion and hacking.

This is big news and a big alliance (if it is a sincere alliance), and good news for web users becoming weary of having their information swept up by the CIA, and potentially used against them.


* ‘CIA has a history of attacking, not only overseas targets…but a habit of behaving badly inside the United States.’
* Huge problem: CIA can gain access to journalists computers and smartphones to uncover sources.
* Is the CIA interested in you? The interest for the CIA to attack you may not be that high. You may know someone, who knows someone, who works in the French government.
* There cannot be meaningful oversight over US intelligence agencies.
* CIA hacking is done in secret and cannot be regulated. They are archaic and complex process. CIA cannot even control its cyber weapons arsenal. CIA cannot control how its cyber weapons arsenal is used.
* Can you trust that a Dell, Apple or Microsoft computer exported from US is safe from CIA attacks? Obama broke promises to protect tech industry from vulnerabilities.
* German CIA hacker base used to attack targets throughout Europe, Africa and Middle East. It is a massive complex.
* CIA created a number of viruses. HammerDrill sits on a computer and waits to attack via CD-ROM.
* Invite someone into your company to give presentation, CIA has virus to infect via presentation software.
* CIA has even created virus software which is the virus to infect system.

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