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Wikileaks email reveals Clinton campaign organised VP picks into “food group” buckets based on race, gender, and riches

Hillary Clinton campaign officials grouped potential vice presidential running mates by race, ethnicity and gender.

The Clinton team organized their potential Vice Presidential running mates into “food groups” based on race, gender, and other characteristics, in another batch of email leaks released by WikiLeaks.

The below March 2016 email, shows campaign chairman John Podesta email Hillary Clinton with a list of people to consider for VP. The list included names organized into “rough food groups” based on superficial traits.

Of course the Clinton campaign is not full of elitist racists…and should the Trump campaign done the same thing when they were vetting their VP picks, we are certain the media would also look the other way.




The Daily Caller reports

An initial list of possible running mates compiled by Hillary Clinton’s campaign this year included a wide variety of names — including some surprising ones, like former Attorney General Eric Holder, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, according to an email released in the WikiLeaks dump.

But the March 17 email — released in the WikiLeaks dump on Tuesday — sent from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta to Clinton also reveals that the campaign is very much focused on identity politics, organizing prospective running mates in apparent groups based on race, sex and other distinctions.

In the email, Podesta told Clinton that senior staffers “did a first cut of people to consider for VP.”

“I have organized names in rough food groups,” Podesta wrote to Clinton.

The email didn’t explicitly identify the “food groups” but the labels are obvious: Hispanics, women, white men, African-Americans, military, businesspeople or philanthropists and the Bernie Sanders/Democratic socialist wing of the party.



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