Watch This TV Commercial, Based On Russia Shooting Down a NATO Plane [Video]

Preparing the world for the ultimate false flag?

A TV commercial that could easily double as a neocon, Goldman Sachs dream scenario. (Thank you Susan for finding the video and setting up the scenario)

The commercial is set in a (New York???) restaurant, and a woman joins a man for dinner in the late evening hours because it is dark outside.

She asks him: “Did you hear about the NATO plane that was shot down by Russia?”

The commercial continues with the two discussing how quickly this woman can sell off her stocks using Interactive brokers because they are available to do trades even after 8:00 pm in a market that has already dropped 2%.

Marketing a service on the basis of a stock market collapse, brought about by a war where Russia attacks NATO.

The elite 1% bankers profiting off of war with Russia…who would have figured.

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