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Watch the Bolivian Ambassador to the UN fact shame the US (VIDEO)

His brief history of US lies helped to bolster Russia's stance against the US.

While not normally a major player in Middle East geo-politicking let alone war, in many ways Bolivia stole the show at today’s heated debate in the United Nations Security Council.

Bolivian Ambassador to the UN Sacha Llorenti gave a short history of American lies used to justify imperialistic ventures. He spoke in the way that only a Latin American socialist could, coming where anti-American tensions have run high for many decades.

The highlight was when he shamed Nikki Haley by holding up the infamous photo of Colin Powell waving a model tube of anthrax before the Security Council in 2003, in the now infamous run up to the Iraq war. Powell’s presentation was debunked as being a total fraud.

Now watch Sacha Llorenti’s show-stopping performance at the UN.

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