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Watch Stephen Colbert spread fake news, blast Rex Tillerson, and expose his bigotry towards Russian people

If Stephen Colbert made fun of any other culture in such a manner, it would be blasted as racism and bigotry.

I love watching the inclusive liberal left, Hollywood elite show off their hypocrisy and bigotry, completely unaware of their actions.

Stephen Colbert is not very funny as a late night talk show host (he was much better as a bit player on the Daily Show), but nonetheless he does controls a big late night audience.

Colbert uses that power to spread his liberal religion on to the masses. It’s a religion that has Hillary Clinton as savior, Trump as the devil, and all Russians as lower than life, bumbling Soviet fools, controlled by a strong man dictator.

Colbert seems to always ignore that his liberal ideology has destroyed millions of lives in Iraq, Libya, Serbia, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Syria…while his savior knowingly rigged the primary election against Bernie Sanders, and is now ready to lie about Russian hackers in order to create a constitutional crisis in the USA.

Never mind the small little fact that the RNC was never hacked, that Craig Murray and Julian Assange have both met the individual who leaked the Podesta emails, and that the FBI refuses to corroborate the CIA’s “Russia election hack” story because of lack of evidence.

Evidence and fact are like kryptonite to liberal minds. Its all about holier than thou values, that today’s hollywood forces upon you at gun point.

Watch Colbert look dumber than ever, helping push Hillary’s fake news.

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