Watch Melania Trump Copy Michelle Obama, Who Actually Copied This Guy (VIDEO)

Since Melania Trump was accused of plagiarizing Michelle Obama's 2008 DNC speech in Denver, identical text was found from Michelle's speech in a book published in 1992.

While every media outlet is having a field day comparing Melania Trump’s recent speech in Cleveland, with Michelle Obama’s speech from the Democratic National Convention in Denver, similar text from both speeches has surfaced from a 1992 book titled “Business Success in South Africa” by Rob Marsh. The text from the book in question is below…

word bond

Since we’re addressing the allegations that the potential future first lady plagiarized the current one, here are the two speeches compared side-by-side, accompanied by the video:


The question remains – if plagiarism is valid in any case, who plagiarized whom?


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Vladimir Rodzianko
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