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War on social media upstart GAB continues. Domain to be seized for promoting free speech

GAB served notice its registrar will seize its domain if not changed.

Google, Facebook and Twitter have openly waged war on speech that does not conform to their neo-liberal views.

Aside from accounts being deleted, frozen or punished, the liberal left controlled internet has made it a point to disallow any other social media services from entering into their “monopoly” internet., the free speech twitter rival, was served notice by its domain registrar that it has 5 days to transfer its domain or the domain will be seized.

GAB is currently suing Google for anti-trust violations. Is this latest attack on GAB merely a coincidence, or another way for Google to apply pressure on a social media site that refuses to censor speech and get in bed with the neo-liberal globalists?

Via The Gateway Pundit

GAB capitalized on the left wing bias of social site Twitter and now is being attacked for allowing free speech on its site by Google and the alt left mainstream media (MSM).

The social sites like Twitter, Google and Facebook are in an all out war against conservatives. GAB is the conservative alternative so they must shut it down by calling it names and claiming it promotes hate rather than noting that it promotes free speech.

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