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War breaks out between Philippines president Duterte and Chelsea Clinton

On Friday Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte delivered a speech to a brigade of soldiers scheduled for deployment to the battle zone around Marawi City.

Duterte addressed the imposition of martial law to squash an uprising by ISIS militants on the island of Mindanao. The Filipino leader made many outspoken references during his speech, including a reference regarding rape.

Duterte told his troops…

“For this martial law, and the consequences of martial law, and the ramifications of martial law, I and I alone would be responsible. Just work, I’ll take care of it. I will be the one to imprison you. If you have committed rape three times, I’ll take responsibility for it. If you marry four, son of a bitch, you’ll get beaten up.” 

Chelsea Clinton responded with a tweet about Duterte’s rape comments saying: “Not funny. Ever.”

In a follow up tweet, Chelsea called the Philippine president a “murderous thug with no regard for human rights.”

Duterte’s response to Chelsea got very personal. In an expletive-filled rant, Duterte asked if Chelsea was critical of her father, Bill Clinton’s infidelities, saying… “Be careful because you live in a glass house.”

RT reports

The Philippine leader hit back Wednesday at the end of a speech to soldiers in the city of Davao in Mindanao, asking if Clinton was as critical after her father’s affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

“Chelsea, she slammed me. I was not joking, I was being sarcastic. Listen to the speech. I do not laugh at my own jokes,” Duterte said, according to Reuters.

“I will tell her, when your father, the president of the United States, was screwing Lewinsky and the girls in the White House, how did you feel? Did you slam your father?”

The affair led to Clinton being impeached in 1998 before later being acquitted. He went on to complete his second term as president in 2001.

Duterte, who often makes headlines with his outrageous tirades, also accused American soldiers of raping women in the Philippines and Japan.

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