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VP nominee Tim Kaine keeps TPP door open, “we aren’t against trade” [Video]

Vice Presidential Nominee Tim Kaine tells Chuck Todd that Hillary Clinton would be open to exploring new trade deals, despite their opposition to the TPP.

Vice Presidential Nominee Tim Kaine went on NBC’s “Meet The Press” and told host Chuck Todd that a Hillary Clinton administration may be “against the TPP” but “we aren’t against trade.”

“Public and private persona” Hillary Clinton, and her would be administration, is not against the TPP.

Publicly they say they are against the controversial trade deal, that would destroy millions of American jobs and give multi-national corporations power that supersede even government authority.

Privately Hillary Clinton is being thrust into power for the specific purpose of pushing through the TPP. It is why ALL the big business is behind her.

So when Democratic vice-presidential nominee Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) says, “you never close the door” on trade deals, what he means is that if they enter office, TPP will move ahead, like it or not.

Partial transcript as follows (via Breitbart):

TODD: After the election, President Obama will travel overseas, probably talking up the idea of TPP and an Asian trade agreement. if you guys are elected, will you pursue an Asian trade agreement, even if it’s not the TPP?

KAINE: Hillary and I haven’t talk about that question directly. We aren’t against trade. We want to find export markets for American businesses because they will be able to add workers the more they export. That’s very important. And whether it’s in Asia or Europe, if we can find deals that meet those goals, more jobs, higher wages and good for national security and good enforcement provisions, we’re open to them. So, no, you never close the door if you can get a deal that’s good for American workers and our economy.


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