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Vladimir Putin signs mega gas and nuclear deal with Turkey’s President Erdogan

Russia and Turkey are back to normal. In his first trip outside of Turkey since the coup attempt, Turkish President Erdogan chose to visit Russia, in what is sure to anger his NATO partners.

What will really set off the White House and Brussels elite is the recent announcement both leaders made at a joint press conference.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced a joint decision to resume the projects of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant and the Turkish Stream gas pipeline.

The mega gas and nuclear deals announced put another stake in the heart of the false western narrative of Russia’s isolation.

If anything the deals highlight how impossible it is to remove Russia from the Europe/Eurasia equation…as the opposite of what the White House wanted has just occurred. Russia is now about to become even more embedded in the energy future of the European and Eurasian land mass.

Another Obama foreign policy victory? Let’s see how the western main stream media spins the latest, in what is becoming a long list, of Putin victories, over the teleprompter President.

We are sure Obama is mobilising his late night talk show hosts and TV news pundits to start demonising both leaders asap.

Realpolitik wins the day over neo-liberal, progressive hissy fits.

Putin said at the joint press conference that took place in St. Petersburg…

“We have discussed major joint projects in the fields of energy whose resumption require political decisions. The Turkish side has already taken corresponding decisions on the Akkuyu nuclear power plant construction and the Turkish Stream gas pipeline.”

“We have initially considered the Turkish Stream not as an alternative to the South Stream, but as an opportunity to expand our cooperation in the area of gas supplied both with Europe and with Turkey.”

“Providing this project with the strategic investment status which we have requested from Turkey, and this request Turkey granted today, it’s a project worth tens of billions of dollars, we believe it can be implemented and we are confident it will be that way.”

Turkish President Erdogan outlined a list of areas of cooperation where he is eager to engage with Russia…

“I would like to emphasize that we are willing to provide strategic investment status to the Akkuyu project, and we have just reached an understanding on this issue with President Putin. We also intend to promote cooperation in the area of defense industry and defense production.”

And as far as Turk Stream is concerned, Erdogan is eager to get the work underway…

“To accelerate this project is one of our pending tasks, and I think it is a right decision.”

RT reports further on the press conference and the agreements reached between the two leaders…

The Turkish Stream project was parked late last year due to the dispute between Moscow and Ankara after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane in Syria. However, with a thaw in relations the project is expected to be given another life.

The pipeline was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin in December 2014 during a visit to Turkey. The project was to replace the abandoned South Stream pipeline through Bulgaria.

The Turkish Stream pipeline is intended to deliver gas from the Russian Black Sea coast to Turkey and on to Greece and Southern Europe. Initially, Russia’s Gazprom wanted to deliver 63 billion cubic meters of gas per year. Later the capacity was cut to 32 billion cubic meters. Turkey would take about 14 billion cubic meters, with the rest going to Europe.

The two sides also decided to continue with Turkey’s first nuclear power plant at Akkuyu. The agreement to build four 1,200 MW reactors at a total project cost of $20 billion was signed in May 2010. Before relations between the countries deteriorated, the first reactor was planned to be commissioned in 2022.

President Putin also said Russia intends to resume charter flights to Turkey, as Ankara has provided security guarantees for Russian tourists.

“We have considered the possibility of the resumption of charter flights. It’s a mere formality and time,” said Putin.

The Russian President added that the number of Russian tourists visiting Turkey will soon return to pre-crisis levels, and that the sale of tour packages to Turkey resumed in June. On Tuesday, it was reported the number of Russian tourists visiting Antalya has plummeted 97 percent this year.


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