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Video captures deadly battle between Iraqi Shia militia forces and ISIS terror vehicles

ISIS “Jihadimobile” explodes into a massive fireball.

Shia forces in Iraq call these terror vehicles…”jihadimobiles.”

The video below captures a deadly battle between Iraqi Shia militia forces and a “jihadimobile.”

Via Sputnik News

A “jihadimobile” can be built on the chassis of both a civilian or military vehicle. It is usually built based on old combat infantry vehicles, trucks and passenger cars and covered with armor plates. It can also have bulletproof tires, a bulldozer bucket, a machine-gun turret, etc.

Via Zerohedge

Editor’s note: The confrontation depicted in the video below is 100% authentic.

In a showdown that demonstrated the destructive power of ISIS-aligned suicide bombers, a tank manned by Iraqi Shia fighters appeared to trigger a massive explosion when it pointed its muzzle at a rickety pickup truck packed to the brim with explosives. First, militia soldiers try to stop the truck with small-arms fire. Then the truck, presumably driven by ISIS fighters, advances toward the tank.

Then suddenly, there’s a massive explosion.

Debris flies everywhere, hitting the tank and a combat infantry vehicle, and narrowly missing a group of fighters on the ground.

Combat experience in Iraq and Syria prove that light vehicles including trucks can be converted into dangerous weapons capable of inflicting hundreds of casualties if detonated in a densely packed area.

Shia forces in Iraq even have a nickname for these vehicles: They’ve dubbed them “jihadimobiles.”

They are built with the purpose of killing as many people as possible and causing maximum damage in an attack.

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