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Venezuela’s Supreme Court blocks regime change

In another blow against American attempts to rig democratic processes, the Supreme Court of Venezuela has annulled the impeachment of socialist President Nicholas Maduro. This represents a big setback for American puppet opposition leader Henrique Capriles Radonski, who has pushed hard to erode Bolivarism in the only OPEC member with a socialist government (honourable mention to Algeria in this respect).

In a statement reported by RT, the Supreme Court issued a further warning to Congressional trouble markers saying that such individuals must cease to

“convene and carry out acts that alter public order, instigations against authorities and public powers, as well as other actions outside the constitutional rights and legal order”.

For years, under both the Bush and Obama administrations, the US had tried to subvert the legitimacy of the late Hugo Chavez and Nicholas Maduro. They engineered riots with help from their friends in the super-rich opposition, but all attempts failed. No colour revolution came to Caracas.

This will be a further embarrassment to an Obama administration that has quietly lost control over much of Latin America.

By contrast, Russia continues to have good relations with Venezuela. Last year Vladimir Putin became the recipient of the first Hugo Chavez peace prize.

The only recent US regime change victory in Latin America was the ousting of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, but even this hasn’t taken the ‘B’ out of the BRICS.

Latin America was once the fertile CIA playground for regime change, it looks like this era has ended. Venezuela’s socialist course shall not be shaken by Washington.

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