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US Senator Lindsey Graham calls Russia a “teddy bear”, warns President Trump to not work with Vladimir Putin

Lindsey Graham: “I Don’t Know What America First Means”

Republican war-hawk, Senator Lindsey Graham knows the national interest of…

Russia, Iran, North Korea, and China (see video below).

Of course Senator Graham doesn’t know d**k. He is a tool to lobbyists and the military industrial complex. Graham pushed for the Iraq WMD war, Libya destruction, Ukraine neo-nazi coup, and funding of ISIS in Syria.

His track record speaks volumes.

We are certain that if Graham came face-to-face with Russian President Putin, the “brave” Senator Graham would crap in his pants out of fear.

The Gateway Pundit sums up “Jackass” Graham’s interview perfectly…

Jackass Lindsey Graham (R-SC) went on Face the Nation today to discuss Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Graham ripped Russia and Iran and went on to lecture President Trump.

Lindsey is very popular with the liberal media because they know they can count on him to trash Trump.

During today’s conversation Graham admitted he does not know what ‘America First’ means.

“To the president, if America first is a throwback to the 20’sand 30’s isolationism when it was first used as a phrase, the world would deteriorate even quicker, if it is a new way of Ronald Reagan’s peace through strength I would like to work with him. I don’t know what America first means.”


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