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U.S.-NATO ally Turkey mocks Greek genocide in veiled threat

“The bottom of the Aegean Sea is full of their grandparents” Erdogan’s ally stated, referencing Greeks killed in Smyrna.




Hypocrisy and Poshlost are the religions of the West, the latter being a Russian word meaning roughly “vile low-brow taste, and self-satisfaction with one’s own vulgarity”, and in this story, the latter perfectly describes the actions of Turkish leaders.
An ally of neo-Ottoman President Erdogan, and leader of the Turkish Nationalist Movement, Develet Bahceli called upon Greeks to remember the slaughter that befell their ancestors at the hands of the Turks, and the West is hypocritical not to condemn them for it. Fort Russ quoted Develet as saying:

“The bottom of the Aegean Sea is full of their grandparents,” Bahchelli said, indicating that Mr Erdogan’s government partner is doing nothing but engaging in wretched and unethical attacks on Greece.
“All the world knows who dropped bullets of national authority, and the bottom of the sea is full of the grandparents of those who have spoken empty words. They suffered the consequences when they tried to circle Turkey. It’s not a joke, “Bahchelli said.

His reference is to the tragedy known as the Great Fire of Smyrna where up to 100,000 Greeks and Armenians were slaughtered after Turkish forces set the Greek and Armenian quarters of Smyrna, today’s Izmir, on fire. Many Greeks and Armenians died from the flames but also from drowning as they attempted to reach international ships, including American and French vessels, which were observing the developments just hundreds of meters away as the tragedy unfolded.
That statement is an excellent example of Poshlost, as there are few English words that convey what it means to speak in such vile poor taste about a genocide. The West is hypocritical, because Turkey remains a NATO ally, and yet they are permitted to speak like this with impunity. To be fair, western leaders have not been asked to comment on the statement of this Turkish “gentlemen”, and they likely would have criticized it to save face, but the fact that such an openly racist and Islamist nation masquerades as a friend to the west, a NATO member, is quite shameful.
Turkey is of course not a natural ally to the West, and has launched brutal invasions of Europe since the 15th century, traditionally seen as one of the most barbaric peoples in the world – by the opinion of medieval peoples, for the savagery they visited upon Europe.
The West first began to see Turkey as an ally as far back as the Crimean War of the 1850’s, in which England and France fought with Turkey against Russia, because they did not wish Russia to gain power in the Middle East or the Balkans at the expense of the Sublime Port (the Ottoman Empire).
Since then, with regards to Russia, Turkey has become seen as an ally of convenience by some western powers, the irony being the villainous Austro-Hungarian Empire sided with Turkey against Russia, even when the Turks famously nearly destroyed Vienna until King Sobiewski of Poland intervened centuries before.
Since the Cold War, Turkey has again become an ally of convenience, if only for their ability to restrict Russian Crimea’s access to the ocean, and indeed, that of the entire Black Sea, by controlling Constantinople and the Hellespont.
The way Turkish leaders gleefully remind Greeks of the deaths of their ancestors at Turkish hands, no different than if Germans told Jews “Hey, remember the holocaust” is indicative that this kind of racism is still tolerated. If even a minor German member of parliament would make that equally inexcusable comment, Germany would receive global condemnation, save perhaps that of Turkey, who share a certain proclivity towards genocide. The fact that Turkey does not receive such condemnation, leaves one to believe the deep state still considers them too valuable of an ally to criticize severely.
The question is then for Europeans to ask: Why do Europeans need an ally that remembers with savage jubilation, the slaughter of European peoples beneath the power of the yatagan?
Opinions expressed are those of the author alone and may not reflect the opinions and viewpoints of Hellenic Insider, its publisher, its editors, or its staff, writers, and contributors.

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Putin, Trump meet in Helsinki for first bilateral summit

The Helsinki summit is the first ever full-fledged meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. Their previous encounters were brief talks on the sidelines of the G20 and APEC summits in 2017.

Vladimir Rodzianko



Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump are meeting in the Finnish capital of Helsinki for their first bilateral one-on-one meeting.

Trump arrived in the Finland capital a day early, while the jet of Putin, who wrapped up his nation’s hosting of the World Cup Sunday, touched down around 1 p.m. local time and the Russian president’s motorcade whisked him straight to the palace where the two world leaders are meeting.

Trump signed an August 2017 law imposing additional sanctions on Russia. The law bars Trump from easing many sanctions without Congress’ approval, but he can offer some relief without a nod from Congress.

Almost 700 Russian people and companies are under U.S. sanctions. Individuals face limits on their travel and freezes on at least some of their assets, while some top Russian state banks and companies, including oil and gas giants, are effectively barred from getting financing through U.S. banks and markets.

The agenda of the summit hasn’t been officially announced yet, though, the presidents are expected to discuss global crises, such as the Syrian conflict and Ukraine, as well as bilateral relations.

Stay tuned for updates…

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“Foreign entity, NOT RUSSIA” hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails (Video)

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tx): Hillary Clinton’s cache of 30,000 emails was hacked by foreign actor, and it was not Russia.

Alex Christoforou



A stunning revelation that hardly anyone in the mainstream media is covering.

Fox News gave Louie Gohmert (R-Tx) the opportunity to explain what was going on during his questioning of Peter Strzok, when the the Texas Congressman stated that a “foreign entity, NOT RUSSIA” hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Aside from this segment on Fox News, this story is not getting any coverage, and we know why. It destroys the entire ‘Russia hacked Hillary’ narrative.

Gohmert states that this evidence is irrefutable and shows that a foreign actor, not connected to Russia in any way, intercepted and distributed Hillary Clinton’s cache of 30,000 emails.

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Via Zerohedge

As we sift through the ashes of Thursday’s dumpster-fire Congressional hearing with still employed FBI agent Peter Strzok, Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller plucked out a key exchange between Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tx) and Strzok which revealed a yet-unknown bombshell about the Clinton email case.

Nearly all of Hillary Clinton’s emails on her homebrew server went to a foreign entity that isn’t Russia. When this was discovered by the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG), IG Chuck McCullough sent his investigator Frank Ruckner and an attorney to notify Strzok along with three other people about the “anomaly.”

Four separate attempts were also made to notify DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz to brief him on the massive security breach, however Horowitz “never returned the call.” Recall that Horowitz concluded last month that despite Strzok’s extreme bias towards Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump – none of it translated to Strzok’s work at the FBI.

In other words; Strzok, while investigating Clinton’s email server, completely ignored the fact that most of Clinton’s emails were sent to a foreign entity – while IG Horowitz simply didn’t want to know about it.

Daily Caller reports…

The Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) found an “anomaly on Hillary Clinton’s emails going through their private server, and when they had done the forensic analysis, they found that her emails, every single one except four, over 30,000, were going to an address that was not on the distribution list,” Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas said during a hearing with FBI official Peter Strzok.

Gohmert continued..

“It was going to an unauthorized source that was a foreign entity unrelated to Russia.”

Strzok admitted to meeting with Ruckner but said he couldn’t remember the “specific” content of their discussion.

“The forensic examination was done by the ICIG and they can document that,” Gohmert said, “but you were given that information and you did nothing with it.”

According to Zerohedge “Mr. Horowitz got a call four times from someone wanting to brief him about this, and he never returned the call,” Gohmert said – and Horowitz wouldn’t return the call.

And while Peter Strzok couldn’t remember the specifics of his meeting with the IG about the giant “foreign entity” bombshell, he texted this to his mistress Lisa Page when the IG discovered the “(C)” classification on several of Clinton’s emails – something the FBI overlooked:

“Holy cow … if the FBI missed this, what else was missed? … Remind me to tell you to flag for Andy [redacted] emails we (actually ICIG) found that have portion marks (C) on a couple of paras. DoJ was Very Concerned about this.”

Via Zerohedge

In November of 2017, IG McCullough – an Obama appointee – revealed to Fox News that he received pushback when he tried to tell former DNI James Clapper about the foreign entity which had Clinton’s emails and other anomalies.

Instead of being embraced for trying to expose an illegal act, seven senators including Dianne Feinstein (D-Ca) wrote a letter accusing him of politicizing the issue.

“It’s absolutely irrelevant whether something is marked classified, it is the character of the information,” he said. Fox News reports…

McCullough said that from that point forward, he received only criticism and an “adversarial posture” from Congress when he tried to rectify the situation.

“I expected to be embraced and protected,” he said, adding that a Hill staffer “chided” him for failing to consider the “political consequences” of the information he was blowing the whistle on.

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Donald Trump plays good cop and bad cop with a weak Theresa May (Video)

The Duran – News in Review – Episode 55.

Alex Christoforou



US President Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK was momentous, not for its substance, but rather for its sheer entertainment value.

Trump started his trip to the United Kingdom blasting Theresa May for her inability to negotiate a proper Brexit deal with the EU.  Trump ended his visit holding hands with the UK Prime Minister during a press conference where the most ‘special relationship’ between the two allies was once again reaffirmed.

Protests saw giant Trump “baby balloons” fly over London’s city center, as Trump played was his own good cop and bad cop to the UK PM, outside London at the Chequers…often times leaving May’s head spinning.

Even as Trump has left London, he remains front and center in the mind of Theresa May, who has now stated that Trump advised her to “sue” the European Union to resolve the tense negotiations over Brexit.

Trump had mentioned to reporters on Friday at a joint press conference with Theresa May that he had given the British leader a suggestion that she found too “brutal.”

Asked Sunday on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show what that suggestion was, May: “He told me I should sue the EU. Not go into negotiation, sue them.” May added…

“What the president also said at that press conference was `Don’t walk away. Don’t walk away from the negotiations. Then you’re stuck.”‘

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris summarize what was a state visit like no other, as Trump trolled the UK PM from beginning to end, and left London knowing that he got the better of a weakened British Prime Minister, who may not survive in office past next week.

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It wasn’t exactly clear what Trump meant. The revelation came after explosive and undiplomatic remarks Trump made this week about May’s leadership — especially her handling of the Brexit negotiations — as he made his first official visit to Britain.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper published Thursday — just as May was hosting Trump at a lavish black-tie dinner — Trump said the British leader’s approach likely “killed” chances of a free-trade deal with the United States. He said he had told May how to conduct Brexit negotiations, “but she didn’t listen to me.”

He also praised May’s rival, Boris Johnson, who quit last week as foreign secretary to protest May’s Brexit plans. Trump claimed Johnson would make a “great prime minister.”

The comments shocked many in Britain — even May’s opponents — and threatened to undermine May’s already fragile hold on power. Her Conservative government is deeply split between supporters of a clean break with the EU and those who want to keep close ties with the bloc, Britain’s biggest trading partner.

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