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US is ‘locked and loaded,’ Trump warns of more strikes on Syria

US is ‘locked and loaded,’ Trump warns of more strikes on Syria

The warning came via US ambassador Nikki Haley at an emergency UN Security Council meeting Saturday, a day after the US, UK and France struck three Syrian sites in response to an alleged chemical attack in the Damascus suburb of Douma last week.

The UN meeting came with some heated exchanges between the American, Russian and Syrian envoys.

Russia’s UN ambassador, Vasily Nebenzia, read out a quote from Russian President Vladimir Putin accusing the US, UK and France of “cynical disdain” in acting without waiting for the OPCW’s findings.

Nebenzia accused the West of “hooliganism” and demanded that it “immediately end its actions against Syria and refrain from them in the future.” “You are not only placing yourselves above international law, but you are trying to rewrite international law,” Nebenzia said.

Nikki Haley claimed the strikes were “justified, legitimate and proportionate.”

After speaking to Donald Trump personally, Haley said, “I spoke to the president [Trump] this morning and he said, ‘if the Syrian regime uses this poisonous gas again, the United States is locked and loaded‘.”

Syrian envoy Bashar Jaafari called the US, UK and France “liars, spoilers and hypocrites“, who exploited the UN “to pursue policy of interference and colonialism.”

There had been concerns around the world that if strikes had hit the Russian military, it would have further escalated tensions between two nuclear superpowers.

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The US says the amount of cruise missiles launched was about “double” than in April 2017.

Meanwhile, the Syrian army announced Saturday that Eastern Ghouta, where Douma is situated, had been cleared of terrorists and was fully retaken.

The current bellicose rhetoric from US and its European allies against Syria, threatens another and possibly more aggressive standoff with Russia.

Promises of another such strike by Trump, based on ZERO evidence of an actual chemical attack, would signal to the terrorist rebel groups in Syria and neighboring countries, to organize a counter-offensive against Syrian government forces and most likely stage another false flag hoax to keep the American bombs coming.

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