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US Democratic congressman says Trump should not “cozy up to Putin and Saddam Hussein” [Video]

The Hillary campaign is in full attack mode, with the over arching strategy set as connecting Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin. Hillary has not hidden her hatred for everything Russian, which makes her extremely dangerous and unfit to be President of the United States.

It also makes he emotionally unequipped to search for diplomatic solutions to many of the geopolitical issues facing the world today.

The Clinton campaign’s emotions are reaching levels of such absurdity that even her surrogates are unable to keep their story straight about the “evil men” that Trump is associated with.

Take Democratic congressman Javier Becerra, and his odd (and ridiculous) comment on Fox News Sunday.

When asked by Chris Wallace how Hillary Clinton will defeat ISIS, Becerra had this to say…

“You don’t cozy up to people like Putin and Saddam Hussein.”

A couple of points which show Becerra’s stupidity and ignorance, which in turn reflect on Hillary Clinton’s stupidity and ignorance.

  1. Russia, under Vladimir Putin, is the only country actively working to defeat ISIS, which includes also going after Al Qaeda, something Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did not want to do for nearly 4 years…in the hopes that Al Qaeda or ISIS would overthrow the Assad government. Putin put an end to Clinton’s regime change plans, which would have seen and ISIS flag raised in Damascus.
  2. Trump talking to Saddam Hussein? How exactly is Trump cozying up to the very dead Saddam.

The Clinton war machine is in such spin mode that we may very well hear Hillary, or one of her surrogates, soon claim that Trump is also talking with Bin Laden.

Jump to the 12:10 mark to listen to Becerra’s absurd statement…

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