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Attorney General Jeff Sessions targeted by neocons and liberal left. Maria Zakharova calls out US, fake news, hysteria

God forbid any US government official speak with the Russian Ambassador to the United States.

Perhaps the liberal left should expand this recent Russian hysteria to include firing anyone in the United States who speaks to anyone of Russian origin. You never know who may be a “Putin spy.”

  • Russian tourist visiting a McDonalds, fire the cashier for speaking with the Russian tourist.
  • University professor speaking with a Russian student, fire the professor.
  • Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova? Enrique should be imprisoned as a Kremlin pop star stooge.

The insanity, and Russian racism, engulfing the “morally inclusive” liberal left, and morally reprehensible neocons, is not lost on Maria Zakharova.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman noted that the attack on US Attorney General Jeff Sessions for speaking to Russian Ambassador to US Sergey Kislyak, was “a shame”, and simply more fake news emanating fro US main stream media…

“What is going on in the Western, particularly in the US media, is just some manifestation of media vandalism.”

“First of all, it’s an attempt of total disinformation.”

Sputnik News adds

Mainstream media reports on contacts between Kislyak and Sessions are aimed to mislead public opinion in the US and the world, Zakharova said.

The work of diplomats is to develop contacts in the host country, Zakharova stressed.

Earlier in the day, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov urged on Thursday to pay no mind to media reports citing unnamed sources which claim that Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak could be a spy and a recruiter.

“These are once again anonymous media speculations which constantly work up this situation. The only thing that can be offered to all in this situation is simply not to respond to these anonymous, unfounded false stories, and be guided only by official statements,” Peskov told reporters.

The CNN broadcaster cited anonymous US government officials as saying earlier Thursday that US intelligence views Kislyak as a “top spy” and “spy-recruiter.”

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