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Unreal: Drone Footage shows Russian Daredevils scaling the Eiffel Tower (VIDEO)

The Russian trio: Ivan Kuznetsov, 22, Alihan, 20, and Ivan Semenov, 24, who operated the drone, showed no fear earlier this month when they scaled the iconic 300 m (985 ft) tall structure.

And incredibly, the three thrillseekers did not wear any safety equipment, despite the weather being windy, raining and foggy.

After being detained by French police and subsequently being released after 5 hours, a French police officer was quoted as saying, ‘I knew the Russians had guts, but this is unbelievable!’

A spokesperson for the holiday booking website Travel Ticker, who sponsored the climb, said:

“The guys spent the night hiding in the tower waiting for the best moment to climb to the edge of it. You can actually see them getting caught in the video, but they still managed to complete the climb. It wasn’t too difficult for them as they have experience climbing other structures, and that the tower’s structure is pretty comfortable for such an endeavour. However, it was tiring as they had to spend the night hiding in the tower.”

The video begins by showing the Eiffel Tower winding down at night, as many tourists pack up and leave for the day, while the thrillseekers purchase tickets to go up at the last minute.

The footage shows how they managed to stay hidden within the tower until 5:20 am the following morning, and despite the elevators resuming operation, they manage to remain unseen.

Eimantas Balciunas, the CEO of Travel Ticker said:

“The whole team behind Travel Ticker are keen travelers and love the thrill of exploring new places. We wanted to encourage more people to get into travelling and decided to start running a travelers’ support program. That’s how Ivan’s and Travel Ticker paths met.”


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