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Tulsi Gabbard sides with Trump on dismantling CIA program to fund Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria (Video)

Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has been very vocal on Syria, and Obama’s illegal regime change war, which involves the United States providing arms, training and money to Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria, in what was a failed effort to overthrow the democratically elected government of Assad.

President Trump has decided to end the CIA sponsored program that provided weapons to “moderate rebels” (aka Al Qaeda and ISIS), for which the liberal left media is accusing the president of doing Russia’s bidding…as is John McCain

Tulsi Gabbard is a real progressive, who is on the side of Trump, when it comes to supporting the POTUS’ decision to shut down America’s terrorist funding machine.

Tulsi Gabbard exposes the real facts behind the Syrian war…

“We [USA] are directly arming, armed militants who are working under the command of Al Qaeda, all in this effort to overthrow the Syrian government.”

Carlson’s response…“That is grotesque.”

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