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Tucker Carlson exposes the real reason why North Korea refuses to give up its weapons program (Video)

The DPRK learned a lesson from Gaddafi and Libya.

Tucker Carlson goes one-on-one with former UN Ambassador Bill Richardson, and goes where no media commentator has dared to go with regards to North Korea.

The fact that the DPRK will not give up its nuclear program because of the lessons learned when the US conned Gaddafi and Libya into giving up its weapons program, only to be attacked by NATO and Secretary Hillary Clinton years later.

Let’s not forget Iraq and Syria as well. One gave up its weapons program and only to be illegally invaded, and the other dismantled its chemical weapons program, but fought off a US led ISIS-Al Qaeda, insurgency with the help of Russia and Iran.

Its called a learning curve, and the world has learned America’s tricks.

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