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Trump is not Putin’s puppet. The liberal left has uncovered President Trump working with Batman villain “BANE”

The liberal left is freaking out about Trump’s inauguration speech. They are referencing “Hitler” (of course), calling it a “declaration of war”, and saying Trump was “belligerent”

We found nothing wrong with the speech. It was short, honest and simple. This is Trump’s marketing genius.

Zerohedge reports on what Trump said, and the words he used for the very first time…as well as the newest villain that the liberal left is now associating with Trump…Batman’s Bane:

At least the crazy left is now moving away from “the Putin thing” and now comparing President Donald Trump to a fictitious comic book character.

Comparing Trump to Bane is ironically a more true narrative than saying Trump is Putin’s puppet, which highlights just how off-the-deep-end the liberal left has fallen.

Like everything else about him, Trump’s speech was indeed a break from established tradition, and nowhere was this more obvious than in the selection of words that had never appeared previously in any US inaugural address. Some of them: bleed, carnage, depletion, disrepair, flush, Islamic, ripped, sad, rusted, sprawl, stealing, stolen, subsidized, tombstones, trapped, trillions, unstoppable.

Indeed, the speech was so unorthodox it even stunned Trump advisor Carl Icahn. As he told CNBC, “Donald surprised me coming on so strongly about the establishment. I admire him for doing that.”

“I admire him for not just trying to say, ‘Wow. Let’s smooth it over. Let’s be buddies.’ I mean, he came on extremely strongly and he’s giving you a look at what the future, I think, is going to be,” Icahn added.

Icahn, Trump’s special advisor on regulatory reform, said he expects the 45th president of the United States to take a confrontational approach, to some extent. Yet he argued that may be a good thing because it will promote change.

“I think you have to break up this establishment. You have to stop the perception which we have in this country that the government is at war with business, that the government doesn’t like business and that’s what you’ve had for eight years with Obama,” Icahn said.

We have yet to see if Trump will indeed follow up with his promises, or his belligerent speech. We do have one last question, however: did Trump really “borrow” a part of his address from… Bane?


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