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Transparency and statesmanship in action. Vladimir Putin holds a public Q&A event that Obama never did in 8 years

Putin's annual media conference focused on allegations of personal involvement in the US elections, the threat of a nuclear arms race, and the potential for a Syria ceasefire.

Did President Obama ever hold a 3 hour public question and answer session, to discuss anything that was thrown his way?

Could Obama even speak for 30 minutes, teleprompter free?

Has America ever seen their elected leader take the stage to openly address concerns (domestic and international), facing the nation?

Russian President Vladimir Putin holds his marathon Q&A session, every year, without fail, broadcast to the entire world…though the US main stream media would never air such an event, afraid that it would shatter their childish caricature of the Russian leader.

The Q&A is about as transparent as you can get with one of the world’s major political leaders.

It dispels all of the Obama, main stream media myths, that paint Putin is a secretive, KGB dictator, and Russia as a closed off state with no debate or transparent political discourse.

One leader on the world stage was (and still is) divisive, toxic and secretive…outgoing President Obama, and Putin knows this:

“Current administration [Obama White House] is dividing the nation, that is obvious.”

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