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Tillerson denies considering resignation after reports say he called Trump a “moron”

Trump and Tillerson deny having a disagreement, but it would appear that each man has his own foreign policy.

For months, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been plagued by rumours that he is deeply unhappy in his position and has considered resigning. While Tillerson has quietly denied those rumours, today, he held an unscheduled press conference to affirm his position on the matter.

The issue revolves around reports leaked to the press and published by NBC, which accuse the Secretary of State of calling Donald Trump a “moron” after a heated meeting on 20 July of this year.

According to the reports, things got so heated that Vice President Mike Pence had to sit down with Tillerson in an attempt to ease tensions between the President and Secretary of State. NBC further reports that US Defence Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis as well as Chef of Staff General John Kelly had to “beg” Tillerson to stay in his post.

While these reports cannot be independently verified, Tillerson has long given off signs of being a man who is either tired of or unhappy with his job.

Rex Tillerson rumoured to be on verge of quitting as Secretary of State

During his impromptu statement to the press, Tillerson brushed off the alleged “moron” remark as “petty nonsense” and insisted that he never considering leaving and therefore had no need to be talked into changing his mind.

Donald Trump has also replied to the allegations, calling them “fake news”.

However, Trump has had notable disagreements with Tillerson and the State Department, including over the JCPOA (aka the Iran deal), over the Qatar crisis and most recently over North Korea. Rex Tillerson has said that the US will maintain diplomatic communications with the DPRK, however small, in order to try and solve the crisis without resorting to military measures. However, Donald Trump offered a backhanded compliment to Tillerson along with a clear rebuke of Tillerson’s stated policy on North Korea. Furthermore, during Donald Trump’s infamous UN speech where he threatened to destroy North Korea and called North Korea’s leader “rocket man”, Tillerson appeared visibly ill at east.


While both men deny having a personal row, the contradictory policy statements from Trump and Tillerson indicate that at best, the US President and Secretary of State have some sort of communication problem.

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