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Thousands under evacuation in California as tallest dam in US at risk of collapse (VIDEO)

Erosion and infrastructural decay are behind the imminent failure of America's tallest dam and California's second largest reservoir.

It appears President Donald Trump was once again right on target when talking about America’s aging infrastructure and facilities.

On Tuesday last week a huge hole formed in the spillway of the Oroville Dam, which is the nation’s tallest, and California’s second largest reservoir.

The dam’s emergency spillway was then put into use for the first time in 50 years. Due to severe erosion, officials are not sure it will be able to hold and are now urging residents in low-lying areas to leave, BNO News reports.

The city of Oroville and all of Yuba County in California have been ordered to evacuate as the Oroville Dam’s emergency spillway is predicted to fail imminently.


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