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This US Congressman wants war with Russia, but backs off when asked about launching a first strike nuclear attack

Eric Swalwell goes back on Tucker Carlson's show, and looks dumber than ever.

The Duran has written before about Democrat Representative Eric Swalwell, and his crusade to take down Vladimir Putin and President Trump with a “Russia election hack” scandal.

Swalwell’s problem (despite his paranoia and ignorance on all things related to Russia) is that, to-date, no evidence can be dug up connecting Trump to Russia.

This has not stopped Swalwell in his push to bring America into conflict with Russia.

Tucker Carlson had a good time destroying Swalwell last week over his ridiculous “Russia: not our Friend” website.

Obviously being a glutton for punishment (or in this case a glutton for embarrassment on national cable TV), Swalwell came back on Tucker Carlson Tonight, and much to our surprise, made an even bigger fool of himself than we could have ever imagined.

In this gem of an interview, Swalwell (who calls Russia’s “zero evidence” US election meddling an “act of war”) is confronted head on by Carlson asking the Congressman, ‘if he strongly believes that Russia committed and act of war against the United States, then when are the ICBM missiles being launched by America’s military, in retaliation for Russia’s attack?’

The look on Swalwell’s dumbfounded face is priceless.

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