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This NY Democrat lawmaker makes a complete fool of himself with more Russian hysteria [Video]

Is the quest for a Russian probe just about politics?

President Trump took to twitter to embarrass Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck “fake tears” Schumer for their hypocrisy related to the Russian Ambassador meetings with Jeff Sessions.

Never mind the fact that the first meeting between Sessions and Ambassador Kislyak was organized by the Obama White House, and the second meeting was fully disclosed to the public, took place in the Seante and was attended by two military personnel…the Democrats continue to push the Russian narrative, even if it means exposing their own lies and stupidity.

Tucker Carlson discusses the complete hypocrisy emanating from the liberal left with this NY Democrat, who attempts to make a case for an investigation into allegations Russia interfered in the 2016 election.


He also argues that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should resign, because he spoke with a Russian diplomat, proving once again how Russian hysteria is destroying the Democrat party from the inside out.

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