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Interactive map shows all US invasions from Argentina in 1890 to Syria in 2014

All the countries that the United States has invaded in one map.

Trump is increasing America’s military presence in Afghanistan…a move that extends the US military incursion in Afghanistan well past 16 years

Indy100 has created an map of U.S. military incursions outside its own borders from Argentina in 1890 to Syria in 2014…yes the US has invaded Syria contrary to what is being reported in the mainstream media.

Via Zerohedge

From Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, the US has had a military presence across the world, from almost day one of its independence. For those who have ever wanted a clearer picture of the true reach of the United States military – both historically and currently – but shied away due to the sheer volume of research required to find an answer, The Anti Media points out that a crew at the Independent just made things a whole lot simpler.

Using data compiled by a Geography and Native Studies professor from Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, the indy100 team created an interactive map of U.S. military incursions outside its own borders from Argentina in 1890 to Syria in 2014.

Indy100 defines what constitutes an invasion…

Deployment of the military to evacuate American citizens, covert military actions by US intelligence, providing military support to an internal opposition group, providing military support in one side of a conflict, use of the army in drug enforcement actions.

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